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The right beats, the right sound, the right balance of bass and treble can escalate a track to top billboard chart position. But you need money to make a song, right? But first, you need to create, in a place that inspires creativity… a recording studio of sorts, not so?

Traveling and Touring


We know you travel a whole lot for gigs. And sometimes you get a really cool gig but you can’t take it because you simply do not have the funds upfront to finance the trip.

What if we told you that the SAMPRA Development Fund can help carry some of the costs of your travel when you travel locally or internationally for gigs?

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The SAMPRA Development Fund (“The Fund”) is the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) arm of SAMPRA. Its mandate is to contribute meaningfully to the development and sustainability of SAMPRA members.

The Fund’s vision is to promote the value of South African recorded music with the aim of providing SAMPRA members with strategic opportunities to stimulate their growth, development, sustainability and social awareness.

The Fund’s intention is to do all the above while also contributing positively towards recording artists’ welfare and wellbeing.

Focus Areas

The Fund’s intends to support its members and the music industry in a number of areas. These include covering members’ expenses in full for the following:
  • Cultural Organisations
  • Travel &
  • Music
  • Live


It is SAMPRA’s belief that the investment made by the SAMPRA Development Fund will directly contribute towards:
  • economic growth;
  • music tourism;
  • attracting and retaining talent and investment in the music and related industries; and
  • cultural development and artistic growth.

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