Cultural Organisations

We invite cultural organisations that are passionate about music development and cultural diversity to apply to the SDF for funding.

Cultural Programmes Eligibility Criteria and Funding Rules


  • Applicants must demonstrate a track record of dedication to the development, promotion, and appreciation of South Africa’s diverse arts and culture.
  • Only cultural organisations based in South Africa will be eligible for funding.
  • The application should be accompanied by a CK document (proof of company registration) and quotations from third parties that add up to your budget.
  • Applications with missing information or documents will not be considered. 
  • Only cultural events taking place from 1 May 2024 to 31 December 2024 will be considered.
  • The form on the application portal will require you to populate the following elements:
    • About Us
    • Executive Summary
    • History of previous Cultural projects
    • Project Concept
    • Aims & Objectives
    • Project Timelines
    • Marketing Plan
    • Return on Investment for SAMPRA
    • Budget (supported by Quotations from service providers/vendors that add up to your total budget)
    • Contact Details
  • Entries for this window are open from 08h00 on 26 February 2024 to 17h00 on 28 March 2024.