Live shows give fans the opportunity to be part of the magic. To opportunity to be in the same room with creativity. In real time. The thrill of front row seats. The energy. The euphoria. The reverberation. It’s the loud screams of fans around the Golden Circle. The thunderous applause of fans. The vibe. But we know and understand that putting up live shows costs money. That this level of magic requires resources. As the SAMPRA Development Fund, we are so proud to partner with individuals and companies who are committed to bring the live music scene to life.

The SAMPRA Development Fund can help you with funds for the following:

  • venue hire;
  • sound equipment rental;
  • sound engineering;
  • artists’ fees;
  • project management; and
  • marketing and promotion.
Eligibility Criteria and Funding Rules


  • All South African professional recording artists and live music promoters whose projects and events are aligned with SAMPRA’s vision and strategic objectives.
  • Only events hosted in South Africa will qualify.
  • All applicants must submit a sponsorship proposal detailing SAMPRA’s ROI and budget, company CK, or ID copy of individual where applicable, and a portfolio of previous events hosted by the entity or individual.
  • Entries for this window are open from 08h00 on 18 October 2021 to 17h00 on 17 November 2021.