Training & Development Eligibility Criteria and Funding Rules


  1. Eligibility For Bursary
    The SAMPRA Development Fund (“the Fund”) will consider applications from professional recording artists that are members of SAMPRA, and record company executives whose record companies are members of SAMPRA and who wish to study the music business with an accredited institution of higher learning that has partnered with the Fund.
  2. Application Deadline
    1. Applications can only be lodged during the open window, as determined and announced by the Fund.
    2. Applicants must have been provisionally admitted by the relevant institution of higher learning.
  3. Decision Deadline
    The Board of the Fund will decide on the granting of the applications within three (3) months following the last day of submission of applications. The decision of the Board of the Fund on an application shall be final and not reviewable or appealable.
  4. Budget
    The maximum amount that can be awarded as bursary Seventy Thousand Rands (R70 000) inclusive of VAT, where applicable.
  5. Other Sources of Funding
    The applicant is required to disclose in the application other sources of funding secured or hopes to secure for the project.
  6. Application Procedures
    1. The application form must be completed in full and in English. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
    2. No application fee is payable.
    3. The applicant may be requested to provide supplementary documentation and information from time to time for processing the application. Failure to provide such information within a reasonable time frame may deem the application to be unsuccessful without further notice.
    4. The application form and all information submitted by the applicant will be retained for record and audit purposes and will not be returned to the applicant.
    5. Applications received after the closing date for applications will not be considered.
  7. Vetting Procedures
    1. Upon receipt of an application, the Fund will conduct a preliminary screening and may seek clarification or supplementary information from the applicant. Failure to provide such information within a reasonable time frame will deem the application to be unsuccessful without further notice.
    2. The applicant may be required to attend assessment panel meetings to present their applications and answer questions.
  8. Assessment Criteria
    1. The Fund Board shall select grant recipients based on the individual merits of each application.
    2. The Fund reserves the right to reject an application on grounds, including, but not limited:
      (a)applications that are incomplete or contain incorrect information or fail to comply with the requirements set out in these Rules; or
      (b))a false, inaccurate or incomplete statement or representation is contained in the; or
      (c)the applicant is in default of its obligation(s) under other Project Agreements with the Fund.
  9. Funding Agreement
    1. If an application is approved, a Letter of Approval will be sent to the applicant.
    2. The letter of Approval will set out the amount of funding support to be offered, as well as the Terms and Conditions applicable to the funding.
    3. The successful applicant will be required to sign and return the acceptance of the offer attached in the Letter of Approval to the Fund within the period specified therein (“Offer Period”). The Fund shall be deemed to have withdrawn the offer to make the proposed funding support to a successful applicant if the Fund does not receive the duly signed acceptance of offer on or before the expiry of the Offer Period, as set out in the Letter of Approval.
  10. Disbursement of Approved Funding Support
    1. The first instalment will only be effected after the Funding Agreement has been duly signed and the project applicant has submitted all the required documents.
    2. The approved funding support will be disbursed by instalments on satisfactory performance of appropriate milestones, and strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions as set out in the Funding Agreement.
    3. The Fund reserves the right to withhold any further payment to the project if there is any delay in submission of the completion report or the Completion Report does not comply with the Fund’s requirements.
  11. Completion
    1. The beneficiary shall provide progress reports to the Fund and shall complete the course enrolled in within the timelines stated in the application for funding.
    2. Should the beneficiary not comply with the terms and conditions of the grant, the Fund reserves the right to recover the money disbursed as a grant from the member’s SAMPRA royalty payments. SAMPRA royalties will, therefore, be withheld until the amount granted has been fully repaid.
  12. Exclusive Mandate
    Upon the Fund disbursing the grant to a beneficiary, the beneficiary irrevocably accepts to be represented by SAMPRA for Neighbouring Rights administration and collection globally for a period of five (5) years after the funding was provided by the Fund. Effectively, this means that the beneficiary shall remain a member of SAMPRA for the world and without any exclusions from representation in any territory.
  13. Prevention of Bribery or Kickbacks
    The offer of an advantage to an employee of the Fund or of SAMPRA or Fund Director or SAMPRA Director with a view to influencing the approval of an application is a criminal offence. Any such offer by any of the project member(s) or agent(s) will render the application null and void, and may result in criminal charges being instituted against such person(s).
  14. Personal Data
    Personal data provided as part of the application process will be used by the Fund to process the application, and to conduct research and surveys, and to enforce its rights and powers under the Project Agreement.
  15. Enquiries
    Enquiries regarding the application for funding support should be addressed to the SAMPRA Development Fund:
    Physical Address:
    20 De Korte Street