Education, Training & Development

While SAMPRA appreciates that you are a highly talented and an exceptionally creative individual, we also have an appreciation that in order for you to get ahead in this game called “entertainment” you need to pick up a few useful business tips. After all, it is your well curated craft that pays the bills but in order to make sure that you are paying the right bills you need to be well versed on the business side of the very craft, i.e. the business of music.

The SAMPRA Development Fund’s study bursary will ensure that all successful applicants receive world class training from some of South Africa’s renowned business and music experts, and you could be getting a front row seat to one of these classes.If you’d like to pair fame and fortune with knowledge and skills, then the SAMPRA Development Fund’s bursary is one of the building blocks towards that empowerment quest.

Learn about:

  • the basics of music copyright and neighbouring rights;
  • contract negotiations;
  • music publishing;
  • sub-publishing agreements;
  • recording deals;
  • licensing deals;
  • business management and financial management;
  • marketing management (digital marketing, branding, public relations and promotions); and
  • staging live performances.

We have collaborated with the Academy of Sound Engineering to design curricula that will empower you as recording artists and record company owners to gain wide ranging functional knowledge and expertise that will enable you to make sound business decisions.

Eligibility Criteria and Funding Rules


  • Are you a professional recording artist or a record company executive whose record company is a member of SAMPRA?
  • Have you earned at least R3000 from SAMPRA?
  • Have you been accepted by the Academy of Sound Engineering for the 2023 academic year?
  • If you have answered yes to all the above questions, then go ahead and apply for the SAMPRA Development Fund bursary.
  • Your application should be accompanied by a detailed motivational letter, artist profile, acceptance letter from the Academy of Sound Engineering, and certified copy of ID. 
  • Entries for this window are open from 08h00 on 30 January 2023 to 17h00 on 17 February 2023.